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Johnny Brenda's!!!

I have many a review to post, but for tonight, here's something new!!!

Valerie and I were at a loss of what to do this evening, being the sickly sweet holiday it is, so we decided we'd go out and try on a new pub... My lighting designer (Thanks, Terry) mentioned that the folks who owned Standard Tap had opened a new place at the corner of Girard and Frankford (in Fishtown), so we went to check it out...

Let me say, first off, that the place looks like a dive. It is, in a way... until you get to the beer list and the food menu. We had a couple high quality beers (Valerie had the Legacy Euphoria, I had the Flying Fish IPA) and then ordered some food... a dozen raw blue point oysters on the half shell, a swordfish kabob, some excellent crab cakes and a basket of angel hair fries later we were ready for, well, some more beers...

Outstanding to the last - The menu is quite eclectic, including several vegetarian options (falafel, hummus, etc...) and some more obscure items (duck breast, octopus, etc..) and the juke box seemed to fit the same bill (AC/DC, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, the Cure, Joy Division, Def Leppard, etc...). All in all, a very good find, and an excellent spot for a non-traditional Valentines Day.

There were also several nice dogs in the place... a mastiff of some sort (huge) was seen playing with a Boston Terrier (Romi probably outweighed him) and even they seemed to be getting along fine. Valerie bonded with a table next door to us while I was in the bathroom and they danced to Kiss while reminiscing about high school... apparently they all graduated in '85 and were quite shocked when I had to pipe in and say I graduated high school in '92. Sometimes it's good to be the young'un for a change...
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